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Ashley Jadine Foundation

Ashley Jadine Duncan died on January 30, 2012. She was a victim of suicide. At the time of her death, Ashley was 17 years old and a senior at Bellaire High School in Houston, Texas.

Through an active social media presence (Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.), Ashley kept many of her challenges and emotions hidden from her parents, brother and friends. Like many teens and young adults, social media became the vehicle through which Ashley often communicated and expressed herself. While social media is powerful and has numerous positive attributes, there may be negative influences derived from it, especially when one "overuses" it as communication, in isolation of self. The ability to actively listen and have empathy and compassion for one another is limited on social media. This is critical when one is facing serious mental health challenges and can magnify a desperate situation.  The opportunity and need for immediate and effective intervention, help and support for one in crisis mode may be missed, or just too late, with the decreased response time in communicating via social media . . . ending one's life way too soon, like Ashley.

A post on Twitter can be lost on the information superhighway while a tragedy unfolds. The week and final weekend before Ashley died were filled with Tweets foretelling her tragic end. Her final Tweet was of the gun she used to take her own life. All the signs were there. Unfortunately, no one acted. Although she had been hospitalized, counseled and placed on medications, the severity of her sadness and depression were kept hidden from loved ones, who were not connected with Ashley on social media.  

The Ashley Jadine Foundation was created to address the issues teens face and offer support to those who have been affected by suicide or who are considering it.  Tragically, one of the leading causes of death among teens is suicide.

The Centers for Disease Control report suicide is the:

  • 3rd leading cause of death of people age 15 to 24
  • 4th leading cause of death among 10-14 year olds 
  • 2nd leading cause of death among college students

In order to effectively deal with teen suicide, we must change the landscape and create more viable resources based on models that work.  We welcome you to explore this website and we pray you find here what seems to be needed most - HOPE.  
Thank you for visiting with us.

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With a multifaceted approach, we provide an array of support-related services including:  Family & Youth Education, Social Media Awareness, Financial Support for Counseling, Support Group Referrals, Legislative Lobbying, Community Partnerships, Scholarships & Other Support Services.


Our Vision

The Vision of AJF is to reduce the incidence and rate of suicide among young people by shining a light of hope into the lives of those affected by depression and other issues.

Our Mission

The Mission of AJF is to prevent suicide among young people by increasing awareness in the community for teens, their families and their support network through education, scholarships and other support services.

Ashley Jadine Foundation
P.O. Box 310352
Houston, Texas 77231
(713) 320-8815

Email: ashleyjadine17@yahoo.com
Facebook: Ashley Jadine Foundation